Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Fun-O-Meters Are Running On Empty

Normally, with its porch sits, cicada serenades and garden goodies, summer is my favorite season.

While I have enjoyed those seasonal perks this summer, I've unfortunately had to contend with several family icks and cooties (remember when no one ever got sick in summertime? Yeah. Those days are gone. Thanks, Purell); van ailments (my swagger wagon lost its swagger, yo!); home issues (cha-ching); and a vacation from hell that rivaled the Griswold adventures (more on that in a future post).

So I offer my sincerest apologies - and excuses - for not keeping The Porch up-to-date the past few weeks. I haven't forgotten about you, and I hope you haven't forgotten about me. Cue Simple Minds, please.

To make it up to you, dear sitters, I offer my seven-year-old son's, er, graphic analysis of our less-than-stellar family summer. He drew some, um, bar graphs the other day to analyze the "fun" we've had this summer. He proudly showed me what he dubbed the Fun-O-Meters:

Allow me to explain: the empty Fun-O-Meter on the left indicates the fun my son has actually had this summer (I'm told the "B" at the bottom stands for BORED, while the "F" at the top stands for FUN), while the shaded Fun-O-Meter on the right represents the fun he would like to have.

My husband took one look at our kid's analysis and said, "Son, we'd all like a lot more fun in our meters."

That's when I said I needed to go update my blog.


  1. don't you guys have star wars on dvd? yeah? then what's he complaining for?

  2. looks like you need to start planning now for next summer, jen!!!
    ...poor boy;P