Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Clarification, Courtesy of Mom

My mother just sent me an email about my blog. Since she gave me life and raised me on delicious Chocodiles and RC Cola, I feel compelled to share her side of the story about my first memory, as noted in part one of A Letter from Midlife.

Her email reads:

Just caught up with your blog, and while it's delightful and I laughed out loud in several places, I feel a correction is in order. When you spoke of your toddler self ....and mentioned your parents' closed bedroom door (in the daytime, no less) on Gregory Drive, you inferred that something of a sexual nature was taking place. I keenly remember that day, and we were simply hiding from you guys and eating Cheez-its. I think we had a bet going on how long it would be before you pounded on the door. (I won $5).

Strive for accuracy.


Although I do not believe my mother for one second, I certainly believe in fairness.

And God help me, I now know what my parents were doing every time they told us they were heading upstairs to "eat some Cheez-its."

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  1. so how many times did you hork just writing this?

    a few years ago my brother and i had the unenviable task of removing my parents' mattress so the new one could be placed. i'm still in therapy.