Friday, March 12, 2010

Boss Self is a Sucker!

Look! It's a new post! And I'm only a week or so behind... sigh.

See, it was a beautiful, glimpse-of-Spring week in Kentucky, and my boss self gave my writer self permission to sit and sip on the porch as often as my writer self wanted - which was a lot. A lot. A lot.

How did Writer Self get away with such slothfulness and torpidity? (Yes, I wrote, "torpidity." I know how to use a thesaurus!).

Writer Self went to Boss Self and said, "Boss Self, isn't it vital that I get out there in the world, soak up the sun and live life to its fullest, so that I actually have better material to write about? Think about it, Boss Self. Take all the time you need. Meanwhile, I'll be on the porch swing."

Boss self joined me on the swing and said, "Why, Writer Self! You are a genius! That is absolutely what you should do. Live now; write later! Let's go to Sonic and toast our brilliant living/writing plan with a Route 44 Cherry Limeade!"

Writer Self snickered under her breath. Boss Self is a total sucker.

Obviously, all my selves have issues with discipline - especially if the sun is shining after a rotten winter, and tender green shoots are breaking through the garden soil. Oh, how I want to play!

Although difficult, I must find balance between working and merry-making, especially if I want this writer thing to work out for me long-term. And I do. I really, really do.

But as I sit in front of my computer, staring at the daunting blank screen and searching my soul for words, my mind drifts to many other things, most of which aren't appropriate writing fodder.

Like what? I thought you'd never ask.

So I broke it down into a handy-dandy pie chart for you! No, no. It wasn't too much trouble. Nothing is too good for you, Porch Sitters.

Truth be told, this entire post was just an excuse to use a pie chart because I think pie charts are funny. At least other people's pie charts are funny. Mine kind of sucks, which is why I should quit writing now, and go sit on the porch swing, thinking about how I can be a better, more disciplined writer/pie-chart creator.

It's okay. Boss Self said I could. (Fortunately for Writer Self, Boss Self likes a little drinky drink on Friday evenings).

Happy weekend, y'all. Don't work too hard. And if you happen to be near my porch, please drop off a cherry limeade. I'll make room on the swing.

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