Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Wine, Please

Dinner's in the oven.
The children are in bed.
Yes, I ironed your shirts.
Yes, I bought some bread.
I washed a load of towels.
Cleaned out the fridge.
Fixed your favorite pie.
Here, have another smidge.
Jackson skinned his elbow.
I kissed it, made it better.
Emma made an 'A' in math.
Got a sticker said "Great Effort."
You're up for a raise again?
How nice, dear. I'm so proud.
You don't like my new perfume?
Of course it's much too loud.
Stop. I'll get those dishes.
You go on to bed.
I'll join you in a while.
I know. You feel half dead.
See you in the morning.
Good night, love you, too.
Yes, I'm an angel.
Scoot. I've work to do.
Wash the last few dishes.
Sneak a glass of wine.
Wipe the kitchen counter.
Scrub it 'til it shines.
Fix the kids' school lunches.
Cut off Jackson's crusts.
Shit. Forgot about his field trip.
Sometimes, it's just too much.
Dust off the mantel.
A photo's in my way.
You never said I was beautiful
On our wedding day.
But that doesn't matter.
I've laundry yet to do.
Just one more glass of wine.
One more, to make it through.

© 1995 by Jennifer Jenkins Reese

(Thanks, friends and followers, for allowing me to indulge in melodramatic poetry occasionally. It does my soul good. Besides, I like to keep you guessing. Just when you thought you had me figured out...)


  1. you should write country music... reminded me a bit of "swangin";)
    ps. what a shit!!! he didn't tell you you looked beautiful on your wedding day!!?!? i'd say we'd tp his yard; but you'd just have to clean it:/

  2. gadzooks, man. i was the most absentminded young groom in the solar system and even *I* remembered to whisper something sweet to my beautiful young bride on our wedding day. i hope this is fiction.