Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why Legos and Eggnog Don't Mix

I am not the only writer in the family.

Turns out, the husband fancies himself a bit of a playwright. As if that isn't impressive enough, Mark also designs his own sets.


After the merry Christmas festivities, Mark took advantage of my 10-year-old's new Star Wars LEGOs to create not one, but two, one-act plays. He's such an overachiever. As his proud wife -- or maybe just because I'm low on material --  I am thrilled to premiere his work here on the Porch. If you've read this blog long enough (God love ya), you know nothing appears here that isn't auspicious, felicitous, and most importantly, ridiculous.

With great, um, honor, I present two plays, which I shall dub LEGO of my Keurig and The Empire Likes Track.

**Porch Note: Please don't judge the husband's work too harshly. One, he married me, and that's not easy on a man. Two, as long as he's assembling LEGOs, I'm not stepping on them or removing them from my vacuum.

May the Farce be with him.

a One-Act LEGO Play by Mark

The Set:

The Play:

Not that long ago, in a kitchen not that far away...

Me/Leia: Honey, are you going to buy me a Keurig for Christmas?
Him/Han: Yes, dear.

The End.

[Out of respect for all of the tiny LEGO actors, please hold your applause until after the second play.]


Because he should have stopped with one but didn't...
Another One-Act LEGO Play by Mark

The Set:

The Play:

[The Scene: The Naboo 5K Holiday Hustle]

Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi: Hey! NO FAIR! Darth used the Force!

The End.


Aren't they looking for a new director for Star Wars Episode VII? Look no further, Disney! You have found your man. The way I see it, it couldn't possibly be worse than that whole Jar Jar travesty.

Well, maybe.

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