Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rerun: A Tutorial

I mentioned in an earlier post that my daughter's friends now routinely read my blog (much to her delight, naturally. What 14-year-old girl wouldn't love her friends reading and commenting on her 40-year-old mother's most intimate thoughts and feelings?). But hey! Readers are readers!

Anyway, when I picked up my daughter from school today, one of her friends climbed into the swagger wagon and said, "Mrs. Reese, I read your blog today, and I saw that guy in the red beret and suspenders dancing, but I don't get it. That was Kenan Thompson, right?"

::crickets chirping::

No, fellow children of the '70s, I did not promptly toss him out of my van for confusing the awesome groove-master Fred "Rerun" Berry of What's Happening!! fame with Kenan Thompson of Saturday Night Live. But perhaps it is time to educate the youngin'.

This, dear readers, is the one and only Rerun:

He is not to be confused with Rerun van Pelt from Charles Schultz's The Peanuts, although he also rocked a snazzy hat:

On the other hand, this is the very handsome Kenan Thompson, who clearly does not wear a hat of any sort:

Thompson, who was robbed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences when he failed to be nominated for his riveting performances in both D2 AND D3: The Mighty Ducks, also magnificently portrayed this 70s icon in a movie:

Hey! Hey! Hey! That is Faaaaat Albert, who is not to be confused with this Albert, who I think we can all agree, totally beasted* his Facebook profile pic:

*I have no freakin' clue what words like "beasted" actually mean, but I'm trying to keep the kids happy. Word.

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